Sunday, October 29, 2006

my singing debut at London school of hygiene and tropical medicine

car that we took to oxford

gargoyle on wall of campus building

old ass graveyard

old ass tree

magdalen campus at oxford

dining hall at one of the oxford college campuses

bridge at some old building

one of the libraries at oxford university

really really old books at really really old library at oxford..same library where harry potter was filmed (books are from before the 15th century)

same library

old harry potter library again

the ceiling of the library...

one of the university buildings in oxford

the cute lil pub...the trout inn

the creek outside the pub

the cute lil pub

where we sat in the cute little pub

My friend's sink...looks so cool!

my friend's window looking into her pretty


Blogger KG said...

great pics, i miss u

11:55 AM  

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